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Hafsa Abdullah - KGA

  Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

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Mahbuba Hoque - KGA TA

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Mahbuba Hoque. I have my Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangladesh. I came to Canada 1998. I lived my first nine years in Toronto, Ontario. I had my Ontario Secondary School Diploma from Toronto, Ontario.I have my Childcare Certificate(level 2) from Portage College in 2016. I am continuing my study to get my diploma, Insha Allah. I have worked as a preschool teacher in Creative minds preschool north side. This is my first year working as a Kindergarten TA. Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with one girl and one boy. I enjoy being with children and glad to be part of the Mac Islamic School team.

Laura Guise - KGB

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Laura Guise, but please feel free to call me Ms.Guise. I am a new teacher at the school and I am so excited to have a chance to be a part of the MAC family. Thank you for this opportunity. I cannot wait to have the chance to teach your children. I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer and that your child is ready to have a fun and exciting year filled with exploration and learning. 
Educational Background:
I have attended Concordia University/College of Alberta for my whole university education. At the school I have received a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in history and minoring in education. After completed this degree I went on to their Education After Degree Program. Throughout my degree I have received Jason Lang scholarship for my academic excellence. 
Philosophy of Education 
I imagine…
A world where people demand that all children have the opportunity to receive an education that will help them be successful.
A place where students walk into a classroom and feel that they are a part of a community that demands a safe and caring environment for its students. It will be an environment where differences are celebrated; relationships are built between: teacher and student, student and student and teacher and parent/guardian; where voices are heard instead of ignored; where students are respected and where parents are not shut out but welcomed. 
A place where students’ natural curiosity to explore is developed by a teacher who sees students as active learners. The teacher will create lessons that are interesting, engaging and relevant to students so that students’ desires to explore will never stop and their intrinsic motivation to learn will grow. The teacher will achieve this by applying varies teaching styles, like co-operative learning and hands-on activities. It will be a classroom where our fast evolving technology joins forces with literature rich environment to create a hands-on learning experience that reaches out to all students and their different learning needs. 

Amina Begum - KGB TA

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

 My name is Amina Begum. I am from Bangladesh. Alhamdulillah I have three children, two boys and one girl. I came to Canada in 2001. First I came to Toronto and got work experience from YMCA pre-school and then I moved here in Edmonton in 2006. Later I went to Calgary in 2007 and over 80 kids at different times came to my house for learning Quran and academics. I took ECE (early childhood education) from Sheridan college, Ontario and went back to Bangladesh in 2010 and got my Bachelor of Education.

 This is my 2nd year in MAC islamic school (MIS) as a teacher assistant . I feel like it is a happy place to learn and teach( Alhamdulillah). The staff members are friendly,kind and the board members are really helpful (Mashallah). I feel a family bond in the school. It makes me work easier in the field.   

I love teaching as my profession and I have over 10 years of experience. Beside academics, I like to spend my time with the kids to teach them about Islamic morals and etiquette.

Grade 1

Simia Khan - Grade 1A

  Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Mrs. Simia Sumana Khan and Alhumdulillah, this is my first year teaching at MAC Islamic School. InShaAllah, I will be the teaching Grade 1A. I am originally from Bangladesh, but, was born and brought up in Kuwait. 
My first degree is BBA in Finance from North South University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I come from a very large and well bonded family whereby I grew up with a lot of younger cousins. From a very young age, I loved taking care of and being with babies and children in general. After arriving in Canada, I decided to change my career and become a teacher. I got my Bachelors of Education in the Secondary Route with a major in Biology and minor in Special Needs.
I am patient and cheerful. I always look at a situation as “a glass half full”. With my patience and optimism, I intend to help my students succeed and obtain the education that they deserve. I intend to teach my students to discover their own strengths and weaknesses, overcome those weaknesses and instill in them a desire to learn in ways that best suit their individual needs.
I am extremely happy and excited for this opportunity, as in this past few days, I have experienced how warm and loving the staff and teachers at MAC Islamic School are. I look forward to having a wonderfully successful year of collaboration and learning with my fellow teachers and staff, the students and their parents, InShaAllah.

Aya Ahmed - Grade 1B

  Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

I am very excited to begin my teaching career with MAC Islamic School. I have had wonderful opportunities to work with children through both my field experiences and my work with the Inner City Children's Program. I believe that every child has his or her own strengths, and that a teacher's job is to work with his/her students to cultivate that particular gift.
I have a three year Bachelor of Arts Degree from Athabasca University, and a post graduate degree from the University of Alberta.
I love travelling, and am always excited to meet new people and gain new knowledge. I love reading, hearing about different experiences from a variety of people, and a lovely cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
I look forward to working with the wonderful staff, teachers, parents, and students at MAC Islamic School!

Grade 2

Hannan Charkeih - Grade 2A

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

I am very excited and fortunate to begin my second year of teaching at Mac Islamic School. I have had the opportunity to work with several children of varying ages and with varying needs during the past few years, amongst them were many students with special needs. I perceive every child to be gifted in his or her own way; every one of them has potential that deserves to be revealed. And I believe the teacher is the one to do that. 

I graduated from the University of Alberta with my Bachelors of Education in Secondary Education. In my free time, I enjoy running, skiing, rollerblading, camping and reading. I also like to unwind by spending time with family and friends. I love to travel whenever I get the opportunity and enjoy watching Disney movies. I am looking forward to building meaningful connections with parents and students!

Mahjabeen Shaikh - Grade 2B

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Mahjabeen Shaikh and I am teaching Grade 2B this year. This is my fifth year in teaching and my third year at the MAC Islamic School as a teacher. Previously I was working as an Admin Assistant at this school, since its commencement in September 2012. I have worked in the administration of the Sunday school at Rahma Mosque for two years prior to that. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration as well one in Education.
I have 2 children, a son (24 years old) and a daughter (19 years old) Masha Allah. I have been in Canada for the past 9 years. Previously I was living in Dubai, U.A.E.
I strongly believe and am committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the students that are placed under my care and supervision. I also believe that regular parent – teacher communication is essential to the success and development of students throughout the year.

Grade 3

Troy Rambaran - Grade 3A

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is troy Rambaran. For the last 15 years as an elementary school teacher, I developed learning spaces where young minds are challenged and nurtured. I sincerely enjoy helping students enhance their performance to reach their academic potential using a student-centered approach. Every child is special and has his/her own learning ability and with that in mind I create learning activities that meet the needs and ability of each student.  

I am a creative, high-energy character that loves teaching at the elementary level. I thrive on creating engaging activities that develop critical thinking and captures the interest of the students. This includes creating curriculum based learning centers with the students, taking students on mini-field trips, and organizing student-led conferences with the students. I also utilize divergent exploration to enhance their analytical thinking. I have experience in teaching grades 1-9 and multi-grade classrooms. 

One of my core skills is integrating various subject matters for a richer and deeper understanding of the material by the students. In the past, I have been successful in integrating Islamic studies with other subject matter such as math, science, social studies and English.

Ayesha Ahmad - Grade 3B

  Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Ayesha Ahmad and this year I have the pleasure of teaching grade 3 at MAC Islamic School. I was born and raised in Edmonton and graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors of Education degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching for over ten years and every year I love to watch my students learn new things. I enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as travelling to see new places. I am eagerly looking forward to teaching the students in grade three this year and am honored to be a part of the MAC Islamic School team.
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Grade 4A

Helena Kassem

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Helena Kassem, I have studied English Literature early in my life at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. Then, I had a diploma in English/Arabic Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation from The American University in Cairo, Egypt. Few years after coming to Canada, I joined the University of Alberta, Faculty of Education for an after degree in Elementary Education. During the few years that I spent at the University of Alberta, I had a wonderful experience in both schools “Keheewin Elementary school” and “Esther Starkman School” during my practicum terms; the introductory practicum term, and the advanced practicum term. In these two Schools, especially the second one, I have learned that love, patience and understanding are the key words to reach the children which help in creating a happy learning environment. After I graduated from the University of Alberta and for one year, I worked as a technical writer and administrator in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta where I further developed my communication, management and team work skills. Then when I joined MAC Islamic School 2015/2016 and as a new member of the MAC Islamic School Team, I was surprised with the warm/family environment of students, teachers and all staff members. This year is my second year at MAC Islamic School, Last year I taught grade 4/5 Math and Science, plus Health, Art and Gym for grade 5. I do believe that love, care, and working hard are the essence of a successful learning.

Grade 5-6

Najma Ali

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Mrs. Najma Aden-Ali and this is my first, full-time, year at MAC Islamic school. I am the grade 5 homeroom teacher but also teach the grade 5 and 6 math and science. Alhamdulillah I've had the pleasure of subbing with MIS last academic year, so most of the students recognize me. I am a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education. I have taught different grades across elementary ranging from K-6 along my teaching route. I absolutely love working with young children and youth and helping them tap into their skills, both hidden and known, and watch them blossom into the best version of themselves that they can be. I believe in a classroom were the students' voice are heard and adhered to and with that am looking extremely forward to seeing what my students and I can learn from each other this year! In shaa Allah.

I also look forward to meeting the parents and family members of MIS. Let's have a fantastic year. Bismillah!

Grade 6

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

Coming Soon.

Grade 7-8-9

Miski Hashi

  Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Miski Hashi and this will be my first year teaching at Mac Islamic School. I have the pleasure of teaching Grade 7 and 8 English Language Arts and Social Studies.
In terms of my education, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. I have come across a variety of learners with different abilities. As a teacher, I believe every student has the potential to learn and grow in a nurturing environment. This year, I would like to encourage students to become critical thinkers and to be engaged in their learning. I also believe that parent-teacher communication is important for the success of students.
On my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I have always had a love for reading and learning new things about the world. I look forward to what the new school year brings!

Grade 7-8-9

Nadine El Hajj

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Nadine El-Hajj and this is my third year at the MAC Islamic School.

This year, I have had the pleasure of teaching grade 7/8 math and science. I graduated from the University of Alberta, where I received my Bachelor of Education degree in Biology and Chemistry. During my time as an educator, I have taught a variety of subjects ranging from grade 1 to high school biology.

I am a believer in life-long learning and am passionate about science, animals and the environment.

It is an honour to be working with the amazing staff, parents, and students at MAC Islamic School and I can not wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds!

Arabic Studies

Nada Haymour
Arabic Department Head

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

 My name is Nada Haymour, this is my 7th year as an educator. I've been very fortunate to have started my career in Lebanon where I’ve been given the opportunity to teach junior high students and students with Arabic their second language. Teaching different year groups and working with many different children was an invaluable experience. It has given me a chance to develop my teaching approaches and methods through intensive professional development and training which is a key to being an effective teacher.
I have a background education in psychology and I have certification in teaching Arabic for non Arabic speakers. Currently I'm studying for a diploma in Usul Alfiqh and fiqh studies and still going on myself development. One of my hobbies is writing stories in Arabic and Alhamdulellah I'm on the way to finalizing my phonics book for beginners, which is a fun and child centered approach to teaching Arabic literacy through synthetic phonics. I’m always looking for effective programs and methods for teaching Arabic and Alhamdulillah, my background in Arabic and English has served that purpose.
This year I’ll be in charge of the Arabic Department, our goal is to train proficient users of Arabic, armed with strong writing, reading and speaking skills, and capable of applying them in a wide range of contexts especially in reading and understanding the holly Quran. Inshaa’Allah it’ll be a year of growth and prosperity and Allah (SWT) is the giver of success.
 Alhamdulellah I feel very fortunate to be part of this exceptional school and to be spending my days teaching such enthusiastic and fun young people, and I thank Allah every day that I love my job. I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be your child's teacher this year, Please let us work together to make this year full of achievements and success.

Ola Sherif

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

Coming Soon

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuh,
Coming Soon.

Islamic Studies

Eman Ahmed
Islamic Studies Department Head

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

My name is Eman Ahmed and it is my pleasure to be a member of MIS staff. I am currently working at MIS as an Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran teacher. I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in Egypt with a Bachelor in Communications. Later, I completed an Islamic Studies degree from Al‚ÄźAzhar University also in Egypt. My kids were among the few students who joined this school in its first year. It makes me proud as a parent and as an educator to witness the tremendous growth and prosperity of our school.

The unique thing about MIS is the brotherhood spirit that we share with everyone in our school: with staff as well as parents. The dedication of our staff and the commitment of our parents are what make this school “A happy place to learn”. Despite the fact that we belong to different backgrounds and cultures, we share the same vision which is raising a better muslim generation.

As an educator in an Islamic school, I firmly believe in “Teaching the Heart” as the key ingredient in raising the next Muslim Canadian generation. Therefore the spiritual and leadership components are the most essential in my teaching approach. Nothing could be better that seeing our students live the true Islam and having their own footprints in our community as proud Muslim Canadians.
The best teacher the entire humanity ever received was our beloved Prophet Muhammad

Resource Teacher

Anne-Marie Lindell

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

Hello, Bonjour!

My name is Anne-Marie Lindell, B.Ed., and I am originally from Montreal. I have taught a variety of subjects from K-8 in Ontario, BC, and Alberta, including: Special Education, English, French, Choir,
Theatre, Physical Education, Homeroom, and facilitating peer-to- peer community projects. This is my second year at MIS, as the English Language Learner Coordinator, I look forward to working with and getting to know everyone. The ELL Team office is located upstairs in the north wing. Sheena and I invite you to come and enjoy a cup of tea with us.

Sheena Butt

Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahamatu Allahi Wa Barakatu

Hello! Bonjour! My name is Sheena Butt and I am very excited to join
the MAC Team. I am very familiar with MAC as I have been an Educational Assistant in
the various Kindergarten classes. This year will be my first year as ELL-TA and I am
looking forward to an amazing year!
I graduated from Algonquin College (Ottawa, Ont) in 2005, with a Diploma in Early
Childhood Education. I have spent 12+ years in childcare and bring a wealth of
experience along with me. Some of my education roles include; Certified Sports Coach,
Recreation Complex Programs Facilitator, Early Childhood Educator, and most recently
as an Educational Assistant. I am very passionate in the role we play as educators
when it comes to shaping the minds of our future of your children. We (Anne-Marie) look
forward to meeting you, please stop by our office for some tea (upstairs in the North
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